Simply follow the guidelines below, get your Zoid approved, obtain it in a Loot Quest and post your Zoidvolution in the store once obtained.

Evolution of a ZoidEdit

A Zoid can only evolve once it has physically and mentally bonded with its pilot. The seven tasks to complete to achieve evolution are as follows:

1. Zoid owned for at least ½ year (Real time)
2. Exchange of respect between pilot and Zoid (In a previous RP; post a link to it in Approval topic)
3. Bonding triggered by a past traumatic event (In a previous RP; post a link to it in Approval topic)
4. 6 battles fought (Post link to each battle in Approval topic)
5. Bond stronger than life itself/Willing to give life for each other (In a previous R; post a link to it in Approval topic)
6. 3 battles won (Post link to each battle in Approval topic)
7. Zoid owned for at least 9 months (Real time)

To evolve, the first three items must be achieved. The fourth must be one of the two battle items. The fifth/sixth can be any of the rest.

There are two things that can trigger an evolution once any five of the seven tasks have been completed: 1) The Zoid is backed into a corner and requires evolution to protect/save itself and its pilot, or 2) It is triggered by a traumatic/special event or an organoid in RP.

5 tasks completed:

New design of Zoid allows minor speed, agility, hardpoints (exterior and interior), heat index, and CPU slots upgrades. Must be approved by three staff members. Pilot pays 2000 credits.

6 tasks completed:

Same as five tasks with the allowance to add armor and to upgrade DP on up to three special abilities. All upgrades and additions to abilities must be approved by 3 staff member. Pilot pays 3200 credits.

All 7 tasks completed:

Total redesign by the pilot; the Zoid must remain in the same form (ie. If you have a wolf it can’t become a bird, it can only evolve into another wolf type. Dinosaurs can evolve into lizards and pterosaurs to birds, however, because a real evolution precedent has already been established for these in history). Pilot is allowed to increase all stats of the Zoid and alter the special abilities. After-market parts and the reason for evolution can be used to add abilities within moderation (the parts used are lost). ONE attack can be INVENTED with proper explanation as to its origins. All abilities/increases are subject to modification by admins to fit the evolution and keep it from being overpowered. Once completed it must be approved by three staff members. If all seven tasks have been completed, the pilot pays nothing for the evolution.

Detailed InstructionsEdit

Minor upgrades should be up to 50% of the original value added. For the 7-task evolution it is judged on a case by case basis by the admins. Keep in mind for the evolutions that speed cannot surpass 15 for heavy zoids, 20 for medium, and 25 for light. Agility cannot surpass 25 for heavy and 50 for all others. Still, all updates, increases, and upgrades will be judged in the approval process.

All upgraded abilities/attacks can have up to 50% added DP. A 7-task evolution may add to what the weapon does. All attacks can only perform two feats (ie. damage/splash, damage/stunning). Any attack involving a stun option requires a charge feat. Invented attacks may do up to 80 DP. Those created from parts may do the same DP as the part with slight additions on a case by case basis by the judge (up to 50% added DP).

The only way to obtain the evolution is through a RP quest (a Loot Quest). The quest must earn the pilot at least 100 RP credits to be considered legitimate. The evolution can be triggered by the ultimate sacrifices made by the pilot and Zoid, or a stunning revelation that forces the Zoid into a corner. Once in a corner, the animal reverts to its instincts and evolves to save itself.

An Approval topic must be posted with the original and upgraded stats as well as links to all tasks completed so the admins can decide if they are all met. A brief synopsis of the LQ must also be posted so the admins can decide if it is valid to evolve a Zoid.

As a sidenote, since the Zoidvolution itself is the reason for the quest the RP credits will be put toward funding the evolution, and will not be retained by the pilot.==