Previous to Year After Era 40Edit

As the years passed Bit Cloud grew old, and as all men do, died. Forty years after Bit's death, the ZBC designated all Zoid battles in his name and established the After Era Calendar. The Tournament Cup came to be known as the Cloud Cup. All was pristine and calm, Bit and the Blitz team worked hard to put an end to the Back Draft and restore the ZBC. Now in the year After Era 40, it seemed some new evil was brewing. Zoid battles all over the globe were being interrupted, Zoids were ripped to shreds and pilots brutally murdered. One team, though, was always spared during these attacks: Team Draco. Soon Team Draco rose to the top and were rarely challenged. The ZBC could not find any evidence that Team Draco was part of the attacks, so they were not a suspect. Under a new law, it became a crime to disrupt a Zoid battle, and new teams were formed with protection under the law. However, even after the law was passed few teams survived. Teams Wolf, Draco and Quicksilver, The Republic, and The Strikers were the only teams to live through the attacks. It was up to them to discover who was attacking the Zoid battles and why.

Year After Era 43-45Edit

Much had changed since the day a young man named Tetsuo started Team Draco. Tetsuo's name would become world famous, surrounded by controversy and shrouded in secrecy. War was the norm and for a short time the ZBC was incapable of regulating battles. A number of pilots were responsible for uncovering a shadowy organization that claimed to control the fate of the world. The toil of many events had taken their toll on the greatest pilots of the ZBC, thus resulting in their retirement. The major teams fell into disrepair and ultimately disbanded. Tetsuo had finally had enough of the world and disappeared never to be seen again.

Year After Era 100Edit

Generations went by and the world's fighting and anguish halted. Worldwide peace and prosperity flourished throughout. People fell away from Zoids for a while, and went back to more peaceful and stable lifestyles, but this didn't last very long. Years later, the kids and grandchildren of the past Zoid pilots, and other people who'd heard stories of the past, brought out the Zoids that had been unused and unwanted. This new generation of pilots had a vigor that the old pilots lacked. Each had a burning desire to become the best. New teams arose from the ruins of the old ones, and the ZBC finally allowed freelance pilots to participate in official Zoid battles. With this new generation, new and amazing things were sure to happen.