When you are on a team your Captain sets the rules and guidelines. Your Captain and his/her staff will also be responsible for maintaining your team's storyline in RP.

One major benefit of a team is the amount of money you can gain and have access to. Team battles will result in lots of cash for the team and the pilots involved. As a team member you may also request a loan from your team bank, to be approved by your team moderator(s).

Being in a team is a special privilege and if you do not perform well you can be kicked out.


New teams begin with no points and are not ranked.

Class A - Required points 40,000

Class B - Required points 30,000

Class C - Required points 20,000

Class D - Required points 10,000

Class S - Required points 50,000 with 5 consecutive wins

Class O - Required points 60,000 and at least 10 consecutive wins with no losses


Mercenary pilots can not be officially affiliated with any one team, but may fight under any team's banner for as long as they wish or as long as the team wishes.

Mercenaries do not receive standardized winnings as team pilots would, but rather variable amounts that must be agreed upon before a battle begins. Highly skilled Mercs may demand large amounts of cash while lesser skilled pilots will want to start small.

RolePlay credits earned will be determined by the battle judge.