Brad Barker


Team Sniper focuses on teamwork and co-ordination but we also place importance on individual excellence and in-team competition. A well thought out battle plan is essential.


The base of operations used by Team Sniper is a large forbidding mountain range with two large towers and a dome in the middle. There’s roughly a kilometer between each building, and a combination of bad weather and the fact that each building is painted to resemble its mountainous surroundings, makes the entire base virtually invisible.

A honeycomb of tunnels beneath the complex makes safe transport around the forbidding range. The quarters are beneath the left side tower, which operates as an emergency escape Zoid hangar and beacon. The main ground hangar is under the dome in the middle, which is also where all the supplies are stored. The right tower is the air hangar and decoy escape route.

As for defense, the mountains are crisscrossed in ledges connected to the tunnels that can only be accessed from the inside of the tunnels. Heavily camouflaged and protected, they make excellent defensive positions. The towers are covered in all sorts of turrets, platforms and openings to augment defense. The dome is surrounded in auto-turrets, alarms and even features a energy shield. Below ground are a series of super fast tunnel travelers to send you to each area of the base in a matter of seconds using air pressure hydraulics and electro-magnets, they're also extremely useful for quick defensive travel.

Class A
44,000 points

Team Cash: