The Legend...

The Kage Tatsu have a long an noble history on the planet Zi. It all began when the first wild dragon type zoid was tamed by an ancient zoidian. Eventually an alliance was formed and the clan of dragons and zoidians began calling themselves the Kage Tatsu. Much of the details of the clans history are fuzzy so most of it is told through stories. The most well known story is that of the great dragon zoid and the young zoidian villager. The story is told many different ways by many different people but the basic story is that the young villager (sometimes a boy and other times a girl) was being attacked and the great dragon zoid saved him/her. In more recent years the Kage Tatsu have been responsible for protecting the weak and "redistributing" funds from the wealthy to the poor. More legitimately they are in the trade business providing food and supplies to the needy, their methods of obtaining the goods aren't always through proper channels however.

Class- D

Points- 19,000

Monetary Credits- 23,392

Debt- None