Class: S
Captain: Miyozaki Motonaga
Co-Captain: Kellian Dark Shrider

Team HighGuard has had a very long history as a sanctioned ZBC Team, once being among the most powerful of them all. However, the history of HighGuard is not all good and due to an incident at one of the team's main headquarters long ago, a lot of the memories, achievements and records of the team were lost to the ages. The only information saved from the eraser of time was the HighGuard succession of great Captains and their individual time-lines of leadership.

The great team of Highguard was created by Halo Wind, but much of the information of his time as leader was lost, never to provide the history books with their undoubtedly epic tales and clear records do not start again until the appointment of Raven Storm, the HighGuardian Legend, as his successor. From this point, HighGuard was involved with a dark cult who worshiped and were controlled by, the Death Saurer with the aid of Ami Ikari. The cult was defeated along with HighGuard and Raven mysteriously vanished into naught but a memory, presumed dead by almost all apart from those who had heard stories of his immortality through folk tales. Ami, now Captain of G, still plagued by the remnants of Death Saurer which remained inside her, lead the team into a prosperous age and had very nearly succeeded in burying their dark past. The heroic Captain was left fighting a long and hard internal battle against Death Saurer and with the aide of Zansatsu Nagadachi, she was able to reclaim her life and live in peace after passing the crown of leadership on to her savior.

It was all too soon when Zansatsu stepped down himself after he had fulfilled his promise to the Guard and trained his replacement, Blaze Angelos. It is written that a faction known as Broken Arrow were a thorn in the side of Team HighGuard and a battle raged for many years between the two. Like savage dragons, much destruction was left in the wake of their feud, but from the ashes of victory, Blaze Angelos, one of the newer pilots of the team, eventually took his place at the helm.

In more recent years, HighGuard's name had all but faded into the background of the Zoids circuit which to some was a welcomed relief, however, Sensurugi Tenshigo turned HighGuard on its head, bringing it from the clutches of disappearing completely into the dark void that history had pushed the Team toward. However Sensurugi retired feeling his work was done and mysteriously disappeared. It soon became clear that SOMEONE needed to take command and so the ZBC gave Miyozaki Motonaga that role, yet HighGuard was not in the clear. On the heels of being appointed Co-Captain of HighGuard the team suddenly started to drift towards being empty. It seemed as if Miyozaki would end up being the only active member of the team with Sensurugi missing. Yet the newly appointed Co-Captain remained optimistic and sure enough HighGuard's luck improved with the arrival of the tall silver eyed man named Kellian Dark Shrider.

With the arrival of the new team-mate more soon trickled in and soon enough Miyozaki became new Captain of HighGuard.

This new era of leadership saw HighGuard's popularity and reputation improve greatly amongst the inner workings of the Zoids Battle Commission and although small, the team now continues to shine under the values Sensurugi instilled into its pilots with a young Blade Liger pilot named Miyozaki Motonaga taking on the role of Captain.

Now, determined to bring HighGuard back to the forefront in the great world of Zi, the latest of tried and tested Captain's has vowed to not rest until everyone knows of Team HighGuard and their achievements. With the new members of HighGuard the team took their place in the fight with the Rifter's, a strange enemy bent towards claiming Zi, war erupted and was then called the Rift War. The enemy fought with strange new types of Zoids but the ZBC and their teams soon developed things to fight back, the battles that took place were something that ignited the passion of the people of Zi.

HighGuard's prosperity continued and with the unintentional actions of Kellian Shrider communication and relations between the various teams improved. People not within the various teams thought it some type of ploy developed by Miyozaki but for those who knew the Captain and the silver eyed pilot, knew this wasn't the case. Through hard work and many other things only known to HighGuard's Captain, Kellian Shrider became the new Co-Captain of the team. While strange in many ways, the newly appointed Co-Captain accepted the honor and gladly helps aid Miyozaki, even if the Captain's actions confuse him.

HighGuard's luck shall ever increase with both the Captain and Co-Captain hard at work to make Team High Guard shine!