Team Fury's Logo

Class: A
Points: 179,300
Team Cash: 38,300

Captain: Chevelle Bentley

Co-Captain + Trainer: Taillon, Dimetri X


Team Fury's story isn't a complicated one to follow. The ZBC was devastated by the fall of the original era of peace and tranquility with zoid battles for fun. The original set of teams collapsed into a chaotic era. The pilots all went their own way as madmen took what they wanted. People were being killed for their zoids, killed for no reason. Zoids were being used as tools to wage war. The pilots of Team Viper had gone their separate ways and settled down. Most notably was the team's captain and spirit, Imoen Khali. After many years of piloting she had settled down with her family. The madmen would never come after the elite pilot of the rare Berserk Fury.

Years passed and eventually the ZBC reformed anew. The teams would need to be reformed but this time they wouldn't just be for common fun battles. The teams would now be instated for a purpose. It is no surprise that the team charged as the guardians of order in the ZBC would be piloted by one of the elites. Naturally the head officers went looking for the now grandmother Imoen. The Khali family however had zoids in their blood and it took very little time to recruit three of the most adept pilots. The granddaughter who most resembled Imoen was given the lead as Captain of this team of orderkeepers. Phoebe Khali would continue the tradition. On her team was her cousin Chevelle Bentley, granddaughter of old Viper pilot Kaliza Bentley.

These two pilots went in search of old friends.

Among those who would form the original team was the grandson of the last recruit to Viper before the collapse, DJ. Drake Jay would prove to be an invaluable asset and eventually make captain of the new team Blade. Next the three pilots found the grandson of Viper's most reclusive pilot, Halo Reporo. Halo after years of research and discovery had vanished but his grandson Alexei was more than willing to join his grandad's old friends. Alexei would contribute many a successful plan of attack and became known for his unusual strategies. Finally the oldest friend of the Khali's, Drizt Do'Urden had to be located. Upon finding him, his great nephew, the lovable goofball known as Dinin, joined the team as their official in charge of laughter. The team needed a name. Phoebe naturally looked to her grandma for advice. It was from Imoen that the name of the legendary zoid she had piloted would be immortalized. Team Fury was born. The logo of the Berserk Fury emblazened on all the team's zoids and supplies.

Today Fury remains one of the dominant forces keeping the place in line. After a long bout with missing family members of the Reporo and Khali families, the team had fallen into the command of Alexei who planned to keep with the Khali's tradition of excellence, and succeeded. Currently, after Alexei's retirement, and with Chevelle Bentley as Captain, Fury continues to strive to be the best into the far reaching future.