Battle Statistics:

Class: Unranked
Points: 7750

Team Bank:

Monetary Funds: 26,045
Debts: Gab (200), Drake (1000)

Blade Organoid Incubation Tank
Tank Space: 1 / 10
Members Placed in Tank: Charles

Former Captains:
Bren Khali
Drake Jay
Zeran Hakami

Current Captain: Charles Visciana
Team Advisor: Drake

During darks times on Planet Zi, when the ZBC went out of commission for a brief period, the world, including the teams, went into chaos. All great teams collapsed with the organization. However, when it came to restoring peace, teams made a return, though new ones were formed as a fresh start was deemed necessary.

Blade's history is not filled with twists and turns. In fact, it is quite boring to say the least. Bren Khali was the founding captain of Team Blade who did his best in recruiting members and achieved recognition for the team. However, one day, the captain disappeared without reason and its members soon followed, finding new teams. Blade almost collapsed once again, but a determined pilot took the challenge and reformed this new team. The man was known as Drake Jay, a renowned pilot of his time and formerly from Team Fury, resurrected its hopes. During the years, the team experienced its greatest growth and the members united as one. Members from other teams came to transfer to Blade and promising young talents emerged. A relatively new pilot, Zeran Hakami, was chosen as the co-captain for demonstrating the necessary qualities required. But as the years progressed, Drake wanted a new challenge, quite contented that the Blade team was good enough without his aid.

Zeran was chosen to be the new captain and a new era for the team followed. A vibrant female pilot, Lara Jean Hartley came into the scene with other members, one being Charles, and formed the core of the team. Each brought a different color to the team, and each enjoyed the company of each other. Again, during the team’s short history, a new captain was chosen as Zeran became preoccupied with more pressing matters and Charles Ryoko, a Prince and teenager, took over the mantle as captain and this is where the story continues.