Info NetEdit

New chapters will be posted here, and there is also a place to get your Loot Quests, Organoids, and Zoidvolutions approved.

The World of Zoids AEEdit

This is the place where all the chapters will be carried out; it also contains sub-forums for other types of RolePlays, including Free Quests, Loot Quests, and In-Character RPs.

Forms of Role PlayingEdit

Chapter Participation:
The chapters are governed by the RolePlay Moderators and as such are subject to their rule. Participating in a chapter requires that you be able to follow the flow of posts made before yours; if you step out of sync with the rest of the participants you may be asked to leave the chapter thread. Successfully completing a chapter with your fellow RPers will net you twice the RP credits given for free questing.

Free Questing:
In this type of RolePlaying you govern yourself, designing your own stories and setting the pace. You will be allowed to create your own threads. Standard RP credit amounts will be given for this type of RolePlaying.

Loot Quests:
These are similar to FQs except for the fact that you may obtain monetary credits, parts, and even Zoids within your quest. Before beginning a Loot Quest you must obtain approval from three RolePlay mods. To begin the approval process, start a topic in the Approval board (located in the Info Net) outlining your quest. Include any credits, parts, and/or Zoids you wish to obtain during said quest. Moderators reserve the right to request a more detailed synopsis before providing approval, and they may suggest other improvements.

RolePlay Credits=Edit

RolePlay Credits are awarded for each of your posts in the Solo and Group RolePlay boards. In order for a post to qualify, it must be well written with excellent spelling and grammar.

1 RP Credit = 25 AP, 2 Hatchling Points, or 50 Monetary Credits

2 paragraphs - 1 RP Credit 3 paragraphs - 2 RP Credits 4 paragraphs - 3 RP Credits 5 paragraphs - 4 RP Credits 6 paragraphs - 5 RP Credits 7 paragraphs - 6 RP Credits

If you exceed seven paragraphs in your post simply calculate the RP Credit amount yourself (ex: ten paragraphs would yield nine RP Credits). This is for your own estimation purposes; do not post what you feel you should receive from an RP.

A paragraph consists of six well-written, grammar- and spell-checked sentences. RP credit rewards are subject to the judge's discretion. Judges may deduct credits for major spelling or grammar issues, but they will also inform you of their reasoning, and include comments on areas in which you might need improvement. If you feel you have been judged unfairly, you reserve the right to request a re-judge by a different RP moderator.