Official StatsEdit


Thin glossy armor that has been treated to reflect lasers. Not as tough as more standard armor types, but growing increasingly useful as popularity of laser weapons soar. Damage reduction does NOT stack.

20DP Damage Reduction Energy

(Requires 1 external hardpoint, on each area it's used on)

800 credits

+100 Armor

Unofficial Read OutEdit

Cost Per Armor Point: 8 MC 0.16 RPC

Armor Per Hard Point: 100

Additional Effects Rating: 20DP Energy Damage Reduction

Intended Purpose:Edit

Very similar to the Fibre Alumi Plating this plate type also provides damage reduction. The damage reduction on this plating is a bit higher and for the same price. This is because there are fewer energy weapons, so the plate over all would be less useful without the additional damage reduction. This plate type would be best stacked with other damage reduction effects, however it will not stack with its own effect, nor will it stack with other effects if both plates are on the same area. The armor is best suited for those with enough slots on enough different areas to apply this armor to all areas of their zoid, and still have slots left over for weapons. The damage reduction of this armor is per area, so applying it to one leg, will not give the whole zoid damage reduction.

Over All RatingEdit

Due to its very similar nature, and identical cost, I am going to give this piece the same review as the Fibre Alumi Plating, and hand it a three out of five stars.