There are two types of Organoid Systems.

Fused System (Internal; must be installed)

The benefits of the fused Organoid system in combat activate when the Zoid has 50% damage. For every move after the activation, the Zoid will gain back 30 armor points per section, and attacks will do 25% more damage.

Non-Fused Systems (Purchase an egg, then grow in a tank)

May be called upon at any time during combat. It requires one action to call up an Organoid; it will be called upon automatically after a system freeze.

When fused, the following benefits are given to the Zoid:
---> If called upon with full base armor, it will simply reduce damage by 30% when attacked.
---> Natural weapons are enhanced (see the Stats Defined topic for more details).
---> Speed is increased (see the Stats Defined topic for more details).
---> You can recover once from a system freeze (this does not include revival after the initial fusion).

Organoid Attacks/AbilitiesEdit

Your Organoid may be customized with one unique attack or ability that it can use when un-fused and give to a Zoid when fused. You may change this attack/ability ONCE while your Organoid is still an egg and therefore still developing. After that, you may not change it.

The damage/usage limits for attacks are as follows:

No more than 100DP on attacks that do not require any charge time.
Maximum 150DP for any attack; 100DP+ attacks require a charge feat.
Any damage over 100DP must have a usage restriction of no more than twice per round.

Organoid LevelsEdit

As you reach new levels, so too does your Organoid; however, you must use your Organoid during battles and RPs. Even if your Organoid is still an egg, you may roleplay with it as if it has already hatched (this does not apply to battles).

Please see the Stats Defined topic for more details on Organoid levels.

Incubation SystemEdit

Your Organoid starts out as an egg which must be incubated in a tank before it hatches. Once hatched it will be at Growth Level 1 and possess the attack that you chose and was approved at the time of purchase.

In order for the egg to hatch you must acquire 100 hatchling points. Hatchling points can be converted from RolePlay Credits (see the Role Play System Rules topic for more information).

How to Obtain an Organoid SystemEdit

To obtain an Organoid system you must be at Growth Level 5. The design of your Organoid must be an animal (real or mythical, insects included) and its special attack must be approved by three moderators. In addition to the cost of the Organoid egg/system and possible incubator expenses, you must do a Loot Quest that earns at least 50-60 RP credits. The Loot quest must be approved by three moderators (you may post an Approval topic for the LQ AND the Organoid design as one) and then judged by one. If the judge is not satisfied with your posts they have the right to deny the quest and judge the LQ for RP credits only. In turn, you also reserve the right to request a re-judge by a different moderator.

Upon the LQ being judged in your favor, you may purchase the Organoid. Simply put up a store post indicating that you wish to purchase an Organoid egg (and incubation tank if your team does not own one), along with links to both your Approval topic and Loot Quest topic.

Be Advised

You can never get rid of your organoid; if you try it will eat you.