Official StatsEdit

Organic Armor Coating Allows armor to regenerate 30 armor points to all areas each round.

3000 credits

Unofficial Read OutEdit

Because each zoid will receive a different amount of benefit from this item, because of the difference in number of limbs, head, tail, and other such variations, the value must be evaluated on a zoid by zoid basis, however I will use the standard 4 legs, head, and body to calculate.

3000 credits for 180 pts per round. This would be great if it was to any area you choose, or divided how you choose, but it's not. The regeneration could keep you in and fully functional for another round for just enough to pull off a win, but unless you have enough armor to survive one round against your opponent this'll do you no good. The good part is that even if you don't receive damage, as long as you have in the past, you can still regenerate.

Id give this piece 4.5/5