Official StatsEdit

Neo Steel Plating Neo Steel plating is the most basic alloy plating. It's kind of heavy so it requires more hardpoints for support.

(Requires 2 external hardpoints, on each area it's used on)

900 credits

+200 Armor

Unofficial Read OutEdit

Cost Per Armor Point: 4.5MC 0.09 RPC

Armor Per Hard Point: 100

Additional Effects Rating: N/A

Intended Purpose:Edit

Neo Steel Plating appears to be intended for heavy zoids or Medium zoids with a high number of slots. The idea is basically to allow for additional armor. This armor gives the impression that you can only have one plate of armor per body part, and that would be where its true usefulness would come in; However this is not the case. You may apply as many types of plating as you like to the same area as long as you have hard points. Since it gives the same amount of armor per hard point, and gives no special effect, this armor is really only good for pure cheap armor tanking. This armor may appear big and bad, but it is rarely used, and fits on a minority of zoids.

Over All Rating:Edit

Bad. This armor is horrible, because it costs a fair amount per armor point, and also requires two hard points. It has no additional bonuses, and still has the same effect on other armor types as well as nano-tech armor. It has little practical use. Out of five, I'd give it a two.