Name: Kellian Dark Shrider
Title: The HighGuardian Wolf
Rank: Co-Captain of HighGuard
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 195lbs
Team: HighGuard
Zoid: König Wolf
Zoid's Name: Torvaan -Tor-

Physical DescriptionEdit

Short black shoulder length hair with blue highlights, silver eyes and he has a lean muscular build. Kellian's hair hangs in his face and hides his eyes so it's hard for others to make eye contact. In his left ear he has three piercings, a small grayish silver stud, a small gold loop and a bar that dangles. The bar is pure silver with many carvings and odd inscriptions. Its end is shaped much like an odd shaped key. The loop is just a silver loop but the stud is made from a piece of metal from Tor. He made it so he'd always have a piece of him with him.

When not on missions Kellian will wear just about anything that he finds comfortable when at the base. He prefers jeans, a tank top, unbuttoned long sleeved tee and either going barefoot or wearing his boots. He has no specific colors in mind when he dresses so it usually ends up varying shades of black to grey. When on missions however he’ll wear a skin tight pilot suite, black knee high boots and his trench coat. He altered the trench coat so that it has many pockets for all of the items he carries. He has different kinds of weaponry that depending on what information he has he’ll carry. On most occasions he’ll carry two hand guns of various types, his two katanas, and a rifle of some sort.

He conceals his weapons rather well and unless you know what to look for you may or may not be able to tell he’s armed.

Kellian gained the ability to turn in to a wolf and in that form he’s all black with silver gold eyes and some almost blood red colored fur on his muzzle. He doesn’t get anything from it except better hearing, better smell and better night vision. He looks like a slightly more muscled wild wolf, his human weight transfers to his wolf form. Some could say what he went through wasn’t worth it though he likes the advantages even if they are minor. Some days he doesn’t but that’s just him.


Kellian is best described as, tall, dark and silent. He is totally loyal to his friends to almost any extreme. Over all he is calm even under stress, doesn't shout or raise his voice and when shit hits the fan, he is often the only one with a level head. He doesn’t talk much because most of the time he doesn’t have anything to say. He is honest and will answer any questions truthfully, he can also be rather literal minded so some things go over his head.

He takes duties seriously and he is able to focus all his attention on to one thing, often driving himself to the ground. He is very careful about letting any weakness show because of his ‘re-raising’ by wolves also because of that he doesn't show but the most basic emotions. When he does show them they are quick to go as they came, most of his emotion is shown in his body though he’s taught himself to control that. Most people can’t read him well because his face and body are so blank. Though he changes from silent and serious to a more relaxed, quiet and playful attitude around those he is comfortable with.

Kellian is also not a morning person at all. In the mornings trying to get him to speak only succeeds in making him irritated and growly. He also doesn't eat much when he first wakes up, he drinks plenty of liquids and waits for his appetite to awaken. When it does Kellian can be best described as a bottomless pit. He eats double the normal amount, most people get full just watching him eat. He won't talk when he's eating having a very wolf-like focus towards his meal. It is an impressive sight.


His mother and father roamed around a lot so he never had a place truly to call home. His father was murdered by a group called the Black order. Because of his father’s death he grew up trying to protect his mother as best he could while they roamed. He took many odd jobs becoming something of a jack of all trades. His mother eventually died and he feeling lost went to live with the teacher who had taught him to fight. When he turned eighteen he left the town and went searching for his father’s killers eventually joining the very order that his father was in and who also killed him. In two years he was given the code name Sapphire and was one of their top assassins. After learning the truth behind his father’s death he left. He knew that his great-great grandfather had been a pilot and his father used to tell stories, stories his father had been told. So he set out deciding to see if he could manage something of it.

Kellian like his father had traveled for about three years all over Zi taking jobs as he found them. It was one such job that had ended his life as just a normal man. He'd taken a job helping an old man to move across wild territory when they had gotten a flat tire. The old man attacked him hitting him in the head causing a major concussion then the old man had robbed him leaving him for dead. He was found by a wandering timber wolf Zoid and taken to its pack. Tor did it thinking Kellian could help them some humans that were trying to take their home. It was soon apparent that Kellian had suffered a trauma that left him for nine months with amnesia. In that time he thought he was a wolf and learned to act as such. When he finally regained his memories he was much changed and helped save their pack. The result was Kellian and Tor bonding and leaving to get stronger.

Kellian and Tor wandered again and earned money to improve upon the out of date systems Tor had, this resulted in him often taking jobs as a body guard or something like that due to his skills. Eventually he met a girl named Lailah and they started to date. They'd gotten close, or so he thought and he offered her the option of moving in with him. Unfortunately the woman was using him as a shield to protect her from a gang. Kellian had in certain circles made a name as being very good at what he did, but it didn't stop the gang from capturing him and Lailah. It ended with him finding out the things she had hidden from him and she tried to kill him, in self defense he had to kill her he spent weeks hunting down the gang out of rage.

Kellian was eventually accepted in to team High Guard. Some months later during a mission with the Captain of Kage Tatsu he was taken and changed. Through agonizing tests, tough mental training and some physical training, he was eventually able to control the ability to change in to a wolf. The specifics of how were lost on him and even to date changing borders on the line close to agonizing. He eventually learned to ignore the pain but it leaves him for a few moments drained and weak.

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