Official StatsEdit

Heat Resistance Coating Reduces heat damage by 50%, gives the zoid a 50% chance to not suffer a system freeze due to overheating.

500 credits

Energy Resistance Coating Reduces damage from energy based weapons by 50%, protects all areas of armor.

500 credits

Unofficial Break DownEdit

Because of the similarity between these two coatings they share a page.

Both of these offer damage reduction at .1% damage reduction per credit. However Energy is about 40%-50% of the damage done in a battle, so it offers closer to .05%.

Heat damage is the damage done to your heat rating. This means that this type of coating and damage reduction is only useful against a select few zoids and weapons. As these kinds of weapons are not currently very popular I don't recommend you take this coating as you can only have one. However, when against the rare opponent who does use heat, this coating will save you. Not only does it double the amount of damage it takes to hit your heat cap, but it also then reduces the chance it will cause a temporary system freeze.

Heat: 2/5

Energy: 3/5