Official StatsEdit

Fibre Alumi Plating A more advanced alloy with an increased effectiveness against solid rounds and blades.

Damage from solid rounds and blades is reduced by 10DP.

Note: Effect does NOT stack, so it's a solid 10DP reduction regardless of how many you have.

(Requires 1 external hardpoint, on each area it's used on)

800 credits

+100 Armor

Unofficial Read OutEdit

Cost Per Armor Point: 8 MC 0.16 RPC

Armor Per Hard Point: 100

Additional Effects Rating: 10DP Physical Damage Reduction

Intended PurposeEdit

It would appear that this armor is used for damage reduction sets. Its true use is best on heavy zoids that have enough slots to use this armor all over their bodies and still fit weapons. No matter how many you have the damage reduction wont stack on the same area, but it's still nice to have. Unfortunately you cannot use this effect in tandem with other similar effects on the same limb, as they would negate each others' special effects. Also the effect only applies to the limbs or parts actually covered with the plate, so adding it to one leg doesn't give the whole zoid damage reduction.

Over All Rating:Edit

This is a decent type of armor. Its cost per armor point is steep, but the over all cost is low. The cost per armor point is evened out by the special effect. It may not seem all that great, but 10DP per attack adds up, especially when against multiple opponents. Out of five stars, I'd give it a three.