Official StatsEdit

Electro Magnetic Armor Plating A thick density metal alloy that provides the zoid with protections while emitting a weak magnetic field to take pressure off of the metals of the joints using common polarity, thus increasing the maneuverability of the zoid.

Note: Effect does NOT stack.

(Requires 1 external hardpoint, on each area it's used on)

1,000 credits

+100 Armor where applied

+5 to agility

Unofficial Read OutEdit

Cost Per Armor Point: 10 MC .2 RPC

Armor Per Hard Point: 100

Additional Effects Rating: +5 Agility

Intended Purpose:Edit

The basic idea is that larger zoids who have no agility are able to gain just a bit more, and those who have a ton already, can remain top dog. The fundimental flaw in this armor is that it's effects don't stack. This makes purchasing more than one plate entirely pointless. There are much better uses for your credits than a second plate costing a whopping 10MC per armor point, with no additional benefits. It is suspected that this armor will be updated shortly, to make purchasing more than one plate have a point, and purchasing just one plate ultimately a bad idea, though there is little confirmation of this.

Over All Rating:Edit

A single plate is excellent as it is a unique type of armor. It's definitly worth the extra cost if you're planning to get armor. Purchasing more than one plate at the moment though would be foolish. I give it four out of five.