Pilot Attributes:
Zoid: (Note - Restricted zoids will be gimped if the pilot is not at the proper level. See below.)

==Battle Narrative (RolePlay==)

Action Summary

Detailed Information

The Narrative should be at least three paragraphs, six sentences per paragraph. Take your time and think it through. A well-written Battle RP could decide the battle for you.

Your Action Summary should be an outline of your actions in the Narrative. For each feat in each action include the type of feat performed (ie. attack, dodge, charge, etc.), Zoid, and section of the Zoid being attacked if applicable, as well as the DP/effects of the weapon/defensive unit/special ability being used. If you utilize a Reflex in replacement of one of your normal feats, that should also be clearly stated. See the following example:

1a. Strike Laser Claw to foe's rear left leg (attack - 90DP).
1b. Swerved to the left behind nearby boulder cover (dodge).

2a. Activated Smoke Dischargers (activation of special ability Method 1 - Lowers accuracy of Fox to 50% and enemies to 25%).
2b(r). Used Double Attack Reflex, firing 30mm Vulcan Gun twice at opponent's back (Double Attack Reflex in replacement of attack feat - 30DP*2 = 60DP).

And so on and so forth.

Weapon Usage:
After-market weapons generally have usage restrictions (e.g. Use: twice per round, up to three rounds per battle). The "per round" restriction is in place to be a reference for how many rounds of ammunition (bullets/energy/shells/etc.) the weapon can hold. The "rounds per battle" restriction is in place to be a reference for how long a weapon can be in use during a match before overheating. Therefore, regardless of how many times the weapon is used per round, if it is used at all, it eats up a round of use. As an example, the Double .80 Cal Rifle has a use listed as "twice per round, up to three rounds." If a pilot were to fire it only once in a round even though they are allowed two uses a round, after the three rounds of that are up, the Rifle would be unusable. Obviously, if the weapon is not used at all during a round, that round would not count toward the round usage.

Zoids that have a restriction to either GL 3, 4, or 5 are UNUSUABLE AND UNATTAINABLE by pilots at GL 1. For each level below the restriction you will be docked 20% of all DP, speed, and agility (ie: 20% deduction off listed stats for a GL 4 piloting a GL 5 Zoid).


To obtain a battle, you must first post an open-ended or specific challenge on the Battle Request board. In this topic you should list or provide a link to the stats and Zoid you will be battling with. You should also use your post to specify any limitations to possible opponents, such as a max GL you are willing to battle, or if you would prefer not to fight someone with an Organoid, etc. Please also include and Battle Codes and Arena Conditions (see below) you might wish for your battle.

After an opponent accepts your challenge, you may request a judge in the Need a Battle Judge? thread located on the Battle Requests board and a judge will be accept the battle. The judge will announce the arena in which the battle takes place (if you and your opponent have not previously agreed on one) and the conditions (unless already set forth in your Request topic). Once confirmed, the judge will start your battle topic. The judge decides post order.

A round is complete once each of the pilots involved in the battle have posted. After each pilot posts, the judge will decide which attacks hit/dodges were successful, etc., and the remaining armor of each opponent. Then, the next round will begin, and this cycle will continue until a participant's or a team of participants' battle system(s) is/are frozen.

Battle Codes and Arena ConditionsEdit

Battle Codes:

Multiple battles codes may be designated for a battle.

0099 - Standard challenge; normal rules apply. This includes No Headshots.
0812 - Close range combat only.
0752 - Long range combat only.
0992 - All weapons expected; Headshots allowed.
0192 - No defensive add-ons (Includes armor coatings/armor plating/EFF/etc.).
0410 - Box Mode (No in-battle changes, e.g. you can't change armors).
0384 - Flag Battle (Judge announces a "flag" Zoid for each team. First team to destroy the other's flag wins).
0631 - Ground Zoids only.
0353 - Air Zoids only.
0294 - Water Zoids Only.
0347 - Speed reduced by 50%. Each pilot also only receives half their normal actions.

Arena ConditionsEdit

Your battle can take place in one or more of the following locations and or elements:

Water, Air, Land

The standard arena type is a desert-like area covered with small to large rocks or boulders and dust-filled air. There may be rain or other weather conditions, and there is the possibility of such things as muddy terrain and choppy water. Be as creative and fun as you want when imagining your battlefield; just make sure your opponent approves of the terrain.

Team Battle Winnings

Class A: 8000 points per battle, 1200 credits for the team, 20 RP credits for each surviving pilot.

Class B: 4000 points per battle, 1100 credits for the team, 18 RP Credits for each surviving pilot.

Class C: 2000 points per battle, 1000 credits for the team, 16 RP Credits for each surviving pilot.

Class D: 1000 points per battle, 900 credits for the team, 14 RP Credits for each surviving pilot.

Unranked: 500 points per battle, 500 credits for the team, 12 RP Credits for each surviving pilot.

Class S: 10000 points per battle, 1300 credits for the team, 22 RP Credits for each surviving pilot.

Class O: 12000 points per battle, 1500 credits for the team, 25 RP Credits for each surviving pilot.

For Mercenaries: See Teams and Classes rules for how a mercenary gains credits from a battle.

That each winner/surviving pilot will also receive 5 additional RP credits per round of battle. For example, a Class B pilot who was victorious after two rounds of battle would receive 28 RPC total (5 RPC * 2 rounds = 10 RPC + 18 RPC participation/win). Another example: a Class O pilot who wins after four rounds of battle would receive 45 RPC total (5 RPC * 4 rounds = 20 RPC + 25 RPC participation/win).


Each loser will receive 5 RP credits for participation (this does NOT apply if a pilot loses by failing to post in any round), plus 5 RP credits per round of participation. For example, if a pilot lasts for three rounds of battle against his opponent, but loses at the end of the third round, he would receive 20 RPC total (5 RPC * 3 rounds = 15 RPC + 5 RPC participation). The longer a pilot lasts, the more RPC he will get for a battle, even if he does not come out the victor.

      • Finally, a battle judge reserves the right to detract the additional RPC from either/any opponent in the event that they feel it is unwarranted, undeserved, or unearned. If that is the case, the judge MUST explicitly state how many RPC are being docked from the pilot and why. A judge can also, on occasion, choose to award a few extra RPC to a participant whom they feel has gone above and beyond the call of duty throughout the course of a given battle. RPC given in excess of listed winnings will be monitored closely to avoid overcompensation issues. This is an RPG, not a freebie site.

Battle TacticsEdit

(If you have any tactics you wish to contribute, send a Private Message to either your Captain or an administrator.

---> Keep under consideration that accuracy is reduced when targeting air-based Zoids from the ground. Flying Zoids can maneuver on an infinite number of planes, while ground-based Zoids can maneuver alone one flat plane.

---> Taking out your opponent's legs first will ensure that your Zoid remains/becomes the fastest.

---> The quickest way to victory is using weapons that invoke a system freeze rather than wearing down your opponent's armor.

Zoid System Status TypesEdit

Normal Operations:
All of the Zoid's systems are functioning correctly.

Permanent System Freeze:
The Zoid's combat systems have ceased functioning, and the Zoid can no longer continue in combat. This is only caused by a complete loss of armor on the body section, head section, or both.

Temporary System Freeze:
The Zoid's combat systems have momentarily locked up due to some sort of stress. A Zoid with this status must pause for one move, it can not attack or defend unless the effects of a previous action remain active.

The Zoid's heat threshold has been reached and has caused a temporary system freeze.