This is a game for the true RolePlayer. You must want to RolePlay without incentive or encouragement. If you are joining just to dominate and create a powerful character you will not have fun here. No one will hold your hand, but help is available if you do not understand something in the rules.


There is no guarantee that you will be accepted to the RPG, so please do not ask the staff about your join application. If no one has replied to your application within a week, you may post a "bump" to redraw attention to the topic.

Post only once. If your application is pruned, then you may post another.

Your Forum User Name must match your character's name, and the names may not contain numbers; only letters. Also, they must sound like names. If they are inappropriate and/or do not follow these guidelines, you will not be allowed to join. Please be creative and realistic with your name; "Bit Cloud" is not acceptable.

Post the following information in the Join Board on the forums:

Character's Name: See above.

Email Address: Used for administrative purposes only.

Age: Purely for RP purposes; your character is not required to have an age.

Gender: Self-explanatory.

Character Description: Should include both a physical description and an explanation of your character's personality. This section should be approximately two to three paragraphs long.

Origins: A detailed account of your character's backstory. This section should be approximately three to four paragraphs. Again, please be both creative and realistic with these. "So-and-so's past is unknown to everyone, even himself" is unacceptable. You can have a past that is "shrouded in mystery" to all outsiders, but you still have to explain your existence.

Zoid: You may choose any stock Zoid to start with except those with GL restrictions.

Sample RolePlay: An in-character RP to display your skills. Many moderators prefer that you include a bit of battle RP in your sample. This section should be approximately three to five paragraphs.

    • Please note that all applications should be spell- and grammar-checked prior to being posted.

After your stats have been added to the team page, contact your Captain to gain access to your team's board and the other game boards.

Starting Stats:

0 AP 4 Skill Points

Apply your Skill Points to the following Pilot Attributes:

Mental Ability Reflexes Proficiency (See the Statistical Data Defined page in the Rules for the breakdown)

Each pilot receives 1,500 Monetary Credits to start with.


Respect the staff and your fellow players.

Participate often. If you do not post at least three times a week, you will be dropped. If there is a reason why you cannot post, e-mail or PM us as soon as possible, or post an explanation in the Absences topic on the Pilot's Den board.

Please do not ask about updating; we will update when we can. Many teams have updation topics in their respective team boards where you can post a link to the RP/store post/battle that you need updated to alert your team moderator.

Please refrain from posting in restricted areas unless you have permission to do so. Restricted areas would include battles or RPs in which you are not participating, and the InfoNet, Pilot Profiles, and Join boards (again, unless you are in one of the approved categories). We will be enforcing a 500 Monetary Credit fine for the first offense. You will be fined 1,000 MC the second time, and, if it comes to it, you will be temporarily banned on your third offense.

Keep arguments, unnecessary commenting, and "flaming" off of these boards. There is no room for childish behavior in our RPG. Take it elsewhere. If you do not, we have a system of consequences in place which will be enforced.

No more than one character to a player. If we catch anyone with more than one character, you will be kicked off and banned from the RPG. No excuses. IP addresses are monitored, so if your friend is a member and he/she is using your computer to post on the boards, the administration will assume it is you. So no excuses, one IP to a member.

Before starting any battles, obtain a judge. There is a topic set aside on the Battle Request board for this purpose.


Please include your team in the subject of your post.

To buy Zoids or other items, create a post in the store board. List all the items you wish to buy with their full stats - the name, price, damage points, slots used, and any other information included with an item on the parts page.

To sell an item or items, simply create a post and list the item(s) you wish to sell. You need only list the name and price for each item.

---> You will only be given 50% value for any parts being sold back. Coatings of any kind are not sellable, nor is NanoTech armor.

Your purchase request will be locked when your stats are updated.

Transferring ZoidsEdit

If you choose to switch Zoids during your time on the RPG, that is allowable. Most after-market parts can transfer to your new Zoid, at a cost of 300 MC per part. The only items that can not transfer are armor coatings and the NanoTech armor.


To take out a loan simply start a thread on the store board.

Team Captains may take loans of up to 5,000 monetary credits. Captains may also take out multiple loans without paying back previous ones.

Individual pilots may take out a loan of up to 1,000 monetary credits. They must pay the loan back completely before taking out another.


Donating parts or credits of any kind to another member of the site is strictly prohibited. Because we allow loans to be taken out, personal monetary or RP credit donations between friends will not be allowed. Equipment purchases and levels should be earned.

Donating used equipment or un-equipable weapons to your team stash is acceptable, but admins can and will revoke this right if/when behavior regarding it becomes dishonest or suspicious. Also, if a pilot borrows something from the team bank of weapons/armor for an inordinate length of time, admins reserve the right to make them buy it.